God’s Home. Your Place

2021, our year of strange order of divine liftings

“God’s Home. Your Place”

HCC Jubilee Place is a safe space for visionary breakthroughs and bondage breaking testimonies. With the vision to cultivate change agent’s, our only aim is to create space for you to grow and be whom God has called you to be. We’re only faciliators and don’t confuse ourselves with our almighty maker (God).  Welcome to your place, in God. Welcome home.

Church Vision

Our church is open and friendly with many social activities. To keep our church running smoothly, we have committees anyone can join.

Church Mission

We are the voice and the system that transforms broken people into cornerstones who become value-adding agents wherever they go transforming the…

Join a Group

If you wish to become a part of our church or a volunteer to help those in need, our community is awaiting you with our open hearts.

Worship with Us

This is a personal invitation from us to you to join us for our next service. With an atmosphere filled with joy and the manifestation of the spirit present in every service, we invite you to join thousands of believers in a genuine and heartfelt worship experience.

Everyone is Welcome

Jubilee Place is for everyone as church is not for perfect people. It does not matter what you have been through, your race, color, status quo, background or lifestyle, you are always welcome here.